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About Alpha Hospitalist Group

Alpha Hospitalist Group is a group of independent physicians who specialize in the practice of hospital medicine. We focus on providing the most compassionate and highly coordinated care for patients requiring hospitalization through the Emergency Room, directly referred from physicians’ office, and managing medically complex post-surgical patients.

When patients are hospitalized, we communicate to their family members, primary care physicians and specialists, and ancillary staff to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home.  We also take care of patients in long-term acute care facilities and skilled nursing homes, if necessary.   We are hospital based physicians and not office based.

Who Should Contact Us?

Primary Care Physicians

Primary Care Physicans or Medical Specialists:

Contact us for assistance with patient hospital admissions or nursing facility admissions and follow-ups.

Surgical Specialists
  • Pre-operative evaluation
  • Post-operative medical management
  • Admission and discharge
Patient Hospitalization

For admission to our affiliated hospitals:

  • Call our toll-free service number
  • Inform the Emergency Department
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